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Home / Offshore / RAYC Round Britain Challenge 2021 - St Barbara V
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Home / Offshore / RAYC Round Britain Challenge 2021 - St Barbara V

RAYC Round Britain Challenge 2021 - St Barbara V

Keep up with St Barbara V on Round Britain Challenge 21 using the Yellow Brick Tracker on this link

St Barbara V has departed on the first Leg of the Round Britain Challenge on 22nd May 2021. Fair Winds!

With QE2 in the background about to set sail

With Spinnaker Tower as backdrop

What's the Plan? When deliberating what would provide us with a challenging, Covid-robust and enjoyable major Adventurous Training deployment for 2021, the Committee considered many options with the firm favourite being a UK-based event that we could exploit beyond offshore sailing into the wider Royal Regiment with links to activity by units and Gunner organisations. We had initially planned to participate in the Tall Ships Races, but the risk is simply too high in asking units to commit to expenditure, travel and crew lists for an overseas voyage.

Aims of the RAYC Round Britain Challenge 2021:

> 1. Deliver enjoyable, high-quality Adventurous Training through a series of challenging offshore legs around the United Kingdom in order to foster leadership, teamwork and morale in RA soldiers.

> 2. Provide RA units with retention-positive activity with least planning and administrative burden to the regiment, with flexibility a key principle around training programmes and Covid 19 restrictions.

> 3. Deliver training to enhance the number of RYA qualified personnel, particularly among the junior cohort of soldiers.

> 4. Consider expeditionary offshore sailing opportunities for other Service yacht clubs and RAYC retired members or members' families (the latter will require a full crew for an individual leg and for the yacht to be taken off AT for the period as there can be no blend between public and private activities).

> 5. Through liaison with RHQ RA, support wider RA messaging and posture, particularly along recruiting, the Reserves, and Regimental family themes, by connecting with shore-based activities and organisations.

Route? e are in the early planning stages but have already held an Initial Planning Conference with RA units and invited them to submit expressions of interest for particular legs. The general idea is a full circumnavigation of Great Britain, with options to 'dwell' in a location to either link to a shore-based event or, for example, to conduct an RAYC training course or where demand for one geographical area is increased (such as the West Coast of Scotland!). Whilst we naturally want St Barbara V off moorings for the maximum amount of time, another advantage of a UK-based expedition is the flexibility in travel times and destinations in accordance with progress, weather, and crew factors.

Points of Contact.

> Cdre: Colonel Chris Gent or leave a message under "Contact Us" on this website

> RC(O): Lieutenant Colonel Tony Neylan or leave a message under "Contact Us" on this website

> What Can I do Now?

- Cdre and RC(O) would appreciate support in planning and running the exercise: lots of profile-enhancing opportunities and a real chance to get more closely involved with the Club. Drop us a line if you are interested in being a Deputy ProjO and have the support of your Chain of Command.

- Watch this space and the RAYC Facebook page for leg details.

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